Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Books of 2011

As this year comes to a close, I’ve realized just how many wonderful books I’ve had the opportunity to read this year! There were so many great stories, so many amazing characters, and some very memorable moments. I want to take a second to recognize these amazing books. Please note that some of these books may have been published in earlier years. All of these books below receive my HIGHEST recommendations:


Unwind by Neil Shusterman

Unwind earns its place on this list due to the “chill” factor. Shocking. Disturbing. Thought Provoking. A great dystopian read!


joust by Mercedes lackey

Been looking for a book like this for a long time… Reminiscent of The Pit Dragons series by Jane Yolen.


Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Amazing character development and great world building. If you are looking to get into zombie books, Maberry is your man!


Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Never EVER thought I would find a book with time travel that I would like. This one won me over so quickly. Cannot wait for Sapphire Blue.


Divergent by veronica roth

Ahh, so many great things about this book. Need I say more than Four?


Daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor

Definitely the most original story I’ve read this year. Love the mythology and unforgettable characters.


forbidden by tabitha suzuma

Heart-wrenching. Tough topic. Beautiful. Thought Provoking.


the iron queen by julie kagawa

Epic YA fantasy. I will never get enough of this series.


The Hunger games by suzanne collins

My first dystopian read! Classic.


The iron knight by julie kagawa

Ash <3 (Sorry for going all fan girl). I love what Julie did with this book! It was really interesting to get in Ash’s head and read from his point of view. This series will forever remain one of my favorites. The Iron Knight was definitely my most anticipated book of 2011!

Do you guys agree with any of my choices!?! Are there any books that you read this year that aren’t on my list?


  1. Great list! Some I have not read, like Ruby Red or Divergent, but most of your list I have read.

    I honestly have to say that I think my favorite books this year were Birthmarked and Prized.

    Nerd Girls at Books to the Sky

  2. I have Prized but not Birthmarked! I'll need to get my hands on Birthmarked soon :)

  3. I loved Divergent and The Hunger Games! Forbidden was another story. It was like an emotional roller coaster reading that book. And I seriously need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone! Anyway, great list!