Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friendly Fire Tour: Casting Call

As part of the Friendly Fire tour, I thought it would be fun to do a casting call for the main characters! Thanks to Lynn, author of the series, I was able to get some more in depth descriptions of the characters so I could truly bring them to life for the readers! Here’s what I came up with:
Amanda Seyfried

Alice | Amanda Seyfried

Where You’ve Seen Her: Red Riding Hood (2011), Letters To Juliet (2010), Dear John (2010), Mean Girls (2004).

Character Description: Tall, willowy, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a porcelain complexion. A very delicate sort of beauty. As for her fashion sense, I imagine her in pale colors--soft grays, pale rose, cream, ice blue) in clothing that flows a bit (as opposed to skin-tight), with a sort of bohemian-chic style. She'd also take Dante along for his stylistic input!

Sarah’s Notes: Lynn and I both agree that Amanda is, hands down, the PERFECT Alice.

daniel | Alex Pettyfer

Where You’ve Seen Him: Beastly (2011), I Am Number Four (2011), Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006). 

Character Description: Tall, slender, green-eyed (soft, not piercing green), with chestnut-colored hair fairly shortly cropped, but not so short that it doesn't have a bit of play. He's extremely handsome, with a fine nose, full lips, high cheekbones. His fashion style borders on non-existent; Jeans, pull-overs, thermal-knit henleys, hoodies, flannel shirts, worn boots.

Sarah’s Notes: For some reason Daniel was the hardest to cast for me. I didn’t have a pre-formed idea in my head. Lynn offered up some suggestions (see below) but I just couldn’t picture them with Amanda Seyfried. Though Alex is more masculine than how I originally envisioned Daniel, I think he could play the role really well. 

Alernates: Kevin Zegers & Shiloh Fernandez   

Alex Pettyfer

Thomas Dekker

Dante | Thomas Dekker

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Secret Circle (2011-2012), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009), Heroes (2006-2007).
Character Description: Based on Adam Lambert. Anyone with Adam's dark good looks; blue eyes; tall, slender build. Dante wears a nose stud (sometimes a ring), has pierced ears, and a very dramatic, flambuoyant sense of style--lots of black leather, studs, boots. He's up for anything sexy and over-the-top glam!

Sarah’s Notes: Thomas’ character on The Secret Circle is so incredibly dramatic. I think that, if we can’t have Adam Lambert play Dante, than Thomas would be the perfect stand in. Those who watch the show already know he can rock some eyeliner!

Shane | Andrew Garfield

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Social Network (2010), Never Let Me Go (2010).
Character Description: Large, brown, expressive eyes and chin-length, brown hair parted in the middle, usually swept behind his ears. Prominent (in a good sense) brows. He's handsome, in a sensitive, poetic kind of way.

Sarah’s Notes: I picked Andrew for his performance in Never Let Me Go. No matter what he does, he always comes across as a sensitive soul to me. And look *points to picture* PROMINENT BROWS and big eyes!

Andrew Garfield


Wren | Kat Graham

Where You’ve Seen Her: The Vampire Diaries (2009-2012), Honey 2 (2011).

Character Description: African-American with large, dark, expressive eyes, lovely skin, delicate features. She wears her hair is a full mass of tight ringlets down to the base of her neck. Since she's blind, she has to rely on others to pick out her clothing. She likes the feel of soft fabrics against her skin and clothing that is a bit loose and flowing (but not overly so). Shane often goes shopping with her and leads her toward tops with delicate prints that can be paired with solid sweaters, full skirts, and stone-washed denim.

Sarah’s Notes: I picked Kat because I think she is absolutely gorgeous! She certainly has the delicate features and beautiful brown eyes Lynn speaks of.

Nicky | Steven Yuen

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Walking Dead (2010-2012).  

Character Description:
Asian-American, with a long pony tail, somewhat slight in build, about the same height as Wren. A bit preppie in his fashion sense.  Always looks pulled together even at his most casual.

Sarah’s Notes: I really love Steven! He’s a fantastic actor on Walking Dead, my favorite actually, and I think he could rock a ponytail!

Actor Steven Yeun attends the AMC premiere of "The Walking Dead"

Ben Barnes

Terrance (Terra) | Ben barnes

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2009), Dorian Gray (2009), Stardust (2007).

Character Description: Tall and slender with deep, olive skin and dark, brown hair worn to his chin and brushed back. His most noticeable feature is his eyes--pale, honey-colored against his olive complexion. His clothing sense veers toward European--blacks, grays, tan, with clean lines, emphasizing comfort over style. But he looks amazing in anything he puts on!

Sarah’s Notes: Being one of my favorite characters in Thin Air I knew I had to do Terra justice. I think Ben’s features really match up with how I, at least, imagined him.

Those of you who have read any of the Thin Air series, do you agree, disagree, or have other suggestions!? Keep an eye out for my upcoming review of book 2 of the Thin Air Saga, Friendly Fire!


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