Friday, November 9, 2012

Inkling Inquiries: Why Do You Blog?

I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot lately! Not about content, or graphics, or increasing readership, but the most important question of all: why do I do it? It’s funny how you can get in a routine, and forget the very reasons you do things to begin with. I decided to take some time and assess what keeps me coming back for more. Here are just a few of the reasons I blog:

1. A PLACE TO BELONG, A HOME The book blogging community is a wonderful thing to be a part of. I learn something new everyday from the fantastic members and their blogs. From day 1 the community welcomed me. They opened themselves up to my questions, offered advice, and mentored me to become the blogger I am today. All in all, if I was to stop blogging, the number one thing I would miss would be the people. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who has stopped by to comment, read a post, or even just offered a kind word. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

2. ME TIME Blogging offers me a creative outlet. It’s something that is inherently mine! Blogging has become “that thing” that makes me special and unique. My opinion matters to someone, somewhere.

3. A ROUTINE Blogging gives me something that I can consistently improve on. It is something that I can shape and mold, much like art. I don’t have much of a goal for my blog except to improve a bit every post. Blogging attempts to be is a routine. It is healthy for me, someone who rarely sticks with a hobby for longer than a few weeks, to have been blogging for almost 2 years. I think I have hobby ADD, but blogging just seemed to stick! It shows I do have the dedication and drive to commit to something I am passionate about! And that, my friends, builds confidence.

4. SPREAD THE LOVE I love books. Obviously. And, really, who doesn’t love sharing their opinion? Inklings Read has become a place where I can recommend books to an unlimited audience. There’s something quite grand in that thought!

TAG YOU’RE IT! I invite you all to write a post, or comment below, about why you blog and what drives you to continue! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please post a link in the comments so that I can stop by and check it out.


  1. Love this question! Here's my post:

  2. Totally true! I definitely blog for me and no one else (although it is nice to know other people care :P) and I love having my blog as an outlet :)

  3. I was just pondering this early - I completely agree that it is awesome to have a place that is just yours, where you can let your thoughts out to the world! My blog is tiny, but I get a lot more out of it than I expected. I almost quit for a while, but I found I really missed it, even without many comments. And the book blogging community is just awesome.

  4. I have four blogs. One is my teacher librarian one, Sue Bursztynski's Page. One is my general Livejournal, which I started because a friend talked me into it. I never know what to say on that one, but I do enjoy browsing my friends list, which includes people I know personally and some big name writers such as Barbara Hambly and George R.R.Martin. My review blog is The Great Raven. And recently I have started a Wordpress blog on my own writing because Great Raven is really not much use to my young readers. I must admit that I have made some good friends in the YA book blogging community, including some in my own city, whom I have met. It's really been an eye opener and great to share my love of books with others who also love them. :-)