Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: Dragon Wing

Dragon Wing (Death Gate Cycle, #1) by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Publisher: Spectra
Format: Ebook
Pages: 417
Source: Purchased
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Preeminent storytellers Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have redefined epic fantasy. Since the publication of their Dragonlance series, millions of readers have enjoyed their imaginative world-building, rich characterization, and intricate storylines. Now these bestselling authors bring their talents to one of the most innovative fantasy creations ever in Dragon Wing, the first volume in The Death Gate Cycle.
I really, really like the concept behind this book. It is a truly unique fantasy world that Weis and Hickman have created. Dragon Wing contains quite the crazy combination of genres/themes: post-apocalyptic, classic fantasy, and a fusion of technology and magic. They managed to seamlessly combine all of these genres into a unique, innovative world that readers will find addicting.

With that said… I loved the first half of this book, then somewhere along the way I got tired and bored with it. I kept thinking about stopping and starting a new book, but I had already invested so much time into it, I figured I should at least finish it (I’ll admit there was some skimming). For whatever reason, whether it was the writing or me, Dragon Wing was unable to keep my interest.

I did not mind jumping back and forth between the different characters, in fact, for once it was actually refreshing. If you are a fan of character-driven chapters, you will like this.

I really do believe that many people will embrace this story and this world! The characters are interesting and well developed and the setting is just awesome. I even found myself researching this world and it’s realms outside of reading. So why did I lose interest? I have NO idea. It has all of the elements that would usually make a book a winner for me. I am very perplexed by this.

That’s about all I can say about Dragon Wing. I don’t want to spoil anything for someone who may want to read this. Give it a shot if you think you may be into a classic fantasy story with a twist.


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