Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ebook of the Week + Giveaway: Alice in Deadland

Ebook of the Week
"Ebook of the Week" is going to be a new feature here at Inklings Read!

Each week I will be featuring an ebook as well as a giveaway! Ebooks featured in these posts will always be well rated and reasonably priced! Sometimes, if we're lucky, the author will drop by to say "Hi" with a few words on their book as well. Now, lets get started and showcase Inklings Read’s first Ebook of the Week!

To kick off this feature we have Mainak Dhar, author of Alice in Deadland, here with us today to tell us a bit about himself and his bestseller.

Our featured book this week:

Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar

Alice in DeadlandCivilization as we know it ended more than fifteen years ago, leaving as it's legacy barren wastelands called the Deadland and a new terror for the humans who survived- hordes of undead Biters.

Fifteen year-old Alice has spent her entire life in the Deadland, her education consisting of how best to use guns and knives in the ongoing war for survival against the Biters. One day, Alice spots a Biter disappearing into a hole in the ground and follows it, in search of fabled underground Biter bases.

What Alice discovers there propels her into an action-packed adventure that changes her life and that of all humans in the Deadland forever. An adventure where she learns the terrible conspiracy behind the ruin of humanity, the truth behind the origin of the Biters, and the prophecy the mysterious Biter Queen believes Alice is destined to fulfill.

A prophecy based on the charred remains of the last book in the Deadland- a book called Alice in Wonderland.

Q & A With Mainak Dhar

Mainak DharQ: Please describe Alice in Deadland in 4 words for us!

A: Better undead than unfree.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and any works you currently have in progress.

A: I am a cubicle dweller by day and writer by night. I've always loved writing and telling stories, and always had an overactive imagination, including going through all of 8th Grade with an imaginary friend who sat next to me in class. The best part of being a writer is that unlike so many other things in life, one need never outgrow that same child-like fascination with storytelling and that imagination that makes the mundane magical. I am currently working on the sequel to Alice in Deadland. It's the first time I'm writing a sequel to one of my novels, so it's fun and challenging at the same time. You can learn more about me and my writing at

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  1. Sarah,

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  2. Thank YOU! You are welcome to visit anytime! It's been a pleasure :) Hope to read Alice in Deadland soon for myself!