Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ebook of the Week + Giveaway: Destiny Binds

Ebook of the Week

"Ebook of the Week" a weekly feature here at Inklings Read. Each week I feature an ebook as well as a giveaway! Ebooks featured in these posts will always be well rated and reasonably priced!

Sometimes, if we're lucky, the author will drop by to say "Hi" with a few words on their book as well. Now let’s showcase Inklings Read’s Ebook of the Week!

We have Tammy Blackwell, author of the Timber Wolves trilogy, here with us today to tell us a bit about herself and book one, Destiny Binds.

Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell

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Rating: 4.24 / 5 (1,123 ratings) - as of 2/20/2012
Destiny BindsScout Donovan is a girl who believes in rules, logic, and her lifelong love of Charlie Hagan. Alex Cole believes in destiny, magic, and Scout. When Alex introduces Scout to the world of Shifters, men who change into wolves or coyotes during the full moon and Seers, women who can see your most private thoughts and emotions with a mere touch, the knowledge changes everything and everyone Scout thought she knew.

"Really fantastic!" -Ann Aguirre, National Bestselling Author

"Smart, fun and original." -Letters Inside Out

"Incredibly well written and addicting; action, danger and romance fill every page." -A Simple Love of Reading

"A little Joss Whedon mixed in with some Libba Bray." -KidLitFrenzy

About Tammy

Miss_TammyWhen asked to describe Destiny Binds in 5 words she stated,

“Supernatural YA romance with snark.”
I work in the YA department (okay, I *am* the YA department) for a library system in rural Kentucky. The second book in the Timber Wolves trilogy, Time Mends, was released on January 1 of this year. I'm currently working on Fate Succumbs, the final book, and hope to have it out by the Fall. You can keep up with my progress at
( Is that not the cutest author pic you have ever seen!?! I LOVE it!)

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  1. This is a really hard question for me to answer! There are so many good indie ya books out there so I'm just gonna give you a website to check out!
    These ladies are brilliant and if you haven't heard about them then you should definitely check them out! If you have then I'm probably just rambling on for no reason... :D Here's the website:
    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I have been wanting to read this can for a while but haven't gotten the chance! Thanks again :)

  2. I really liked Belinda Boring's Mystic Wolves series and Loramendi's Story by Angela Carlie. I agree with Vickie. Check out the Indelible's website. Angela Carlie is one of them! Thanks for the giveaway.