Thursday, March 31, 2011

Site Update: March 2011

Hello all!

So, this blog has only been up and running for about 2 weeks, but it has been nothing but a blast! I really appreciate all of the support, suggestions, and comments!

I plan on doing a Site Update every month to take a look back at blog improvements or changes I've made that month as well as lay out what I would like to accomplish over the next month. It's more for me than you guys I think. I have a ridiculous to-read list on goodreads, but feel free to suggest any books you'd like to see reviewed or think I might enjoy.

Improvements this Month (besides starting the blog itself):
  • Book Clubs section: These clubs are great and I can't wait to start reading their selections and having discussions! You can find these in the left sidebar.
  • I have a twitter account specifically for this blog now. Be sure to follow me @InklingsRead
Coming in April (Hopefully):
  • Reviews:

  • 100-Follower Giveaway: Iron Fey Series, Books #1-3. If and when I reach 100 followers. Help me out? I really want to do this!! Spread the word.
  • Link button

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your March was as good as mine. See you tomorrow for another "Front-Cover Friday." It sure was a hard decision with all those beautiful covers out there!


    1. you should join the A to Z challenge for april it will help boost your followers that is why i am doing it. also i love the look of you blog we need to talk i need some help getting mine to look as awesome as yours plus I could really use a section for what I am reading. send me an email sometime :)congrats on the blog

    2. Hey, you commented on my blog (Books4Hearts)
      I'm glad you like Books4Hearts. If by link exchange you mean I put your link on our 'other cool book bloggers' list and you put ours on yours then yes, that'd be great!

      Your blog is really nice and impressive especially since you've only been doing this for 2 weeks, good job!

    3. Wow! Thanks :) And yes that is what I meant. Link will be going up shortly.