Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To-Read Tuesday: Dragon's Heart

Let me give you some background info before I explain my choice here:

Jane Yolen is solely responsible for me reading fantasy books. Had I not picked up the first book of the Pit Dragon series at my public library one summer as a child, my tastes could have greatly differed. As soon as I finished Dragon's Blood, the first in the series, I had to own them all. I think every reader has a book or series that drove their passion for reading. Dragon's Blood was that for me.

Originally designed to be a Trilogy, the Pit Dragon Chronicles now has a new edition. 20 years after the last book was written. Dragon's Heart, volume 4 of the Pit Dragon Chronicles, was released February 2011:

"Austar IV isn't the planet it once was, and when Jakkin and Akki finally return to the dragon nursery, their homecoming arouses mixed emotions. Together they've survived the insurmountable, and now they can weather the brutal conditions of Dark After and communicate with the dragons they love. But with this knowledge comes responsibility. What they've learned about survival could transform the planet--or, if entrusted to the wrong hands, bring about its destruction. Akki's insistence that she return to the Rokk to finish her training and begin new experiments drives a chasm between her and Jakkin. Suddenly she finds herself in the midst of a political battle that could claim her life. Only Jakkin can save her. If only he could reach her. . . ." Amazon.com
Once this is released in e-book format I am going to be all over it. I hope you will take a moment to consider this wonderful series, or at least the first book: Dragon's Blood. Thanks for reading and watch out for another front-cover friday coming soon.


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