Friday, April 8, 2011

Cover Crazy #1

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme hosted by The Bookworms.

This week, I am absolutely crazy about Halo by Alexandra Adornetto!

I think what I love so much about this is the use of light. It is so gorgeous. And the WINGS! I'm in love with those wings! Even the font/text on the front flows with the design. I don't think the designer could have made this any better!

What do you guys think?


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  2. I'd never heard of that book before but the cover makes me want to look into it! Gorgeous cover. I love the overall color blend, the light, and the wings as well!

  3. I hadn't heard of it either. I was just browsing goodreads one day and saw it. Quite breathtaking :)

  4. Yes it's gorgeous! Too bad there are so many negative reviews for it.

  5. Yeah... I know! It is quite sad :(

  6. I adore this cover! I agree, it's such a shame that there are so many negative reviews, otherwise I would have picked this one up.
    Perhaps if you have time, would you mind stopping by my blog?

  7. This one is beautiful. I love the silhouettes. The mood matches the title. I even like the glare of the sun, so bright and warm.

    Nice choice to showcase this week.