Monday, April 11, 2011

Musing Monday #1

This week MizB of Should Be Reading asks…
"If you’re a mood reader, what (genre) do your moods usually call you to read?"

I would definitely consider myself a "mood reader"! One of the best things about reading is that its an escape into whatever genre your mood calls for. Usually you'll find me reading a fantasy or sci-fi book, something with an alternate reality. But, there are times when I actually crave something different! My moods normally consist of knowing what I don't want to read. I find that when this happens I feel as though something is missing from the current story - something I need emotionally.

What about you guys?

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  1. I am definitely a mood reader. While I generally enjoy a good paranormal book there are times when I just want something light and fun. Especially after a rough day in the classroom my mood usually calls for a "summer" kind of read to enjoy and smile about!

  2. Sometimes I go on mood rampages where I read only mystery...and then switch it up by reading only romances...once I get tired of one genre, I skip to another :P

  3. Carole: There is nothing better than a light, easy read after days like that! Couldn't agree more :)

    Sarah: Nice! I'm guilty of doing that with series'. I try to read them all in sequence, but sometimes I just need a break and jump to another series for a little while.

    Thanks to both of you for your great answers!