Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Collision Course

Collision Course (8th Wing, #1) by Zoe Archer
Publisher: Carina Press 
Format: Ebook
Source: NetGalley Amazon | Goodreads
Mara Skiren is a scavenger, a black-market dealer. Blackmailed into helping Commander Kell Frayne infiltrate a treacherous corner of the galaxy, Mara learns that her biggest danger is from her sexy, by-the-book partner. She’s a loner with more than a few battle scars on her heart, but something about Commander Frayne stirs up her long-buried need for an intimate connection.
An ace pilot for the elite Black Wraith Squadron, Kell’s mission is to rescue a lost pilot and ship. Unable to deny his attraction to the beautiful, rebellious woman, he decides bedding her would cool his ardor. But one taste is not nearly enough, and he finds himself sharing more of his real self with Mara than he has with anyone.

With deadly criminals on their heels and an increasingly dangerous assignment to complete, he’s starting to wonder…. If they survived, could he let her go? And will Mara want to stay?
First off let me say, this was a very entertaining read! You have Mara a stubborn, beautiful, in-control scavenger and you put her with Kell, a sexy, strong, 8th wing officer and you get the recipe for a a great, super-steamy romance!

The characters could not have been more likeable! Mara was the epitome of 'I don't give a shit' kick-ass while Kell was tied to his duty as an 8th wing officer. This contradiction made for some great interactions. It was fun watching each of them learn that neither was quite what the other expected. Don't judge a book by it's cover right?

The reason I give this book four stars instead of five is because it seemed to take awhile for the action to start in the book... Yeah, the sexual tension is great, but I also wanted to jump right into the adventure as well! About 1/3 of the way in the action really picked up and I was happy I waited. The romance just did not feel natural until that point.

Zoe Archer made a believable universe that left me wanting to learn more about it's inhabitants. Collision Course was a wonderful, sexy sci-fi romance packed with adventure and action. It was a very quick read (only 199 pages) and I highly recommend it! I will definitely be on the look out for the next in the series!


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